I’m a freelance writer who makes science, nature, and environmental topics compelling and understandable.

Science, nature, and the environment  are complex topics, and you want readers to understand your message. I have a unique combination of education, teaching skills, and federal land management agency experience. I can distill your message to help you get more readers, more donors, more partners, and more traction.

You’re looking for a writer who can make complex subjects straightforward and easy to understand. I’ve taught science to middle schoolers, worked for the Bureau of Land Management, and have a master’s degree in conservation biology and communication.

If you’re a non-profit, I help you reach more volunteers, partners, and donors to further your mission.

If you’re an editor, I help you provide relevant content your readers will enjoy and learn from.

If you’re an agency manager, I can help you with NEPA documents and interpretive writing.

If you’re a business, I help you focus your message to attract clients and customers.

My mission is to help you serve the Earth with concrete and compelling writing.

I write white papers, case studies, articles, and marketing copy.

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Contact me: barb@barbmorris.com or 541.306.2030